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Marathi Calendar 2021

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Description of Marathi Calendar 2021 Apk The convenience of your mother tongue and precision of an expe

Description of Marathi Calendar 2021 Apk

The convenience of your mother tongue and precision of an expert astrologer is what you get when you download ‘Marathi Calendar 2021’. With HD graphics and offline operation, this app is a must-have for every marathi speaking native.

‘Marathi Calendar 2021’ is basically Hindu panchang with a South Indian touch added to it. The five elements namely Nakshatram, Tithi, Varam, Yoga and Karanam are common to every Indian panchang, as the name itself means ‘panch’ – five, ‘ang’ – parts. With Marathi Calendar 2021 app, you won’t miss anything significant ever. Download the free app now.

Salient Features of Marathi Calendar 2021:
* Comprehensive approach to different elements of panchang.
* User friendly interface
* To-the-point and reliable
* Upload and change your location to get details for any country or region.
* Offline access to the app makes it convenient to use it without internet services.
* Daily, monthly, weekly, and yearly Rashi Bhavishya 2021
* Notifications for important tithis like Amavasyant and Pournimant 2021
* Highly precise, developed by world-class astrologers and experts.
* List of holidays, fasts and festivals 2021
* All the elements essential to a Panchang are adequately presented.

Details Offered by Marathi Calendar 2021:
* Vikram Era and Saka era
* Tithi
* Nakshatra
* Choghadiya
* Yoga
* Karana
* Tarabalam
* Hora (Day and Night)
* Chandrabalam
* Do ghati Muhurat
* Kaala – Rahu kaal, Gulika kaal, Yamagandam, Amrit Kaal, Durmuhurtham, Varjam
Kalnirnay 2021
* Sunrise and sunset timings
* Moonrise and Moonset timings
* Muhurat
* Lagna
* Paksha

Marathi Calendar 2021 or Marathi Dindarshika
Marathi Calendar 2021 is similar to Hindu Panchang commonly followed. It is Purnimants or Southern Amanta Calendar following either Vikram era or Chaitradi or the Southern school of Astrology. The festivals prominent in Marathi speaking states are Nag Panchami, Ganesh Chathurthi, Gokul Ashtami, Makar Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Bhau Beej, Ellora Festival Narali Pournima and Shivaji Jayanti. Marathi Calendar 2021 notifies you about the days of importance in 2021 as per your religious or regional requirement. It is the best calendar app for people who need to know about tithi and vaar.

Marathi Festivals & Holidays 2021
The app designed exclusively for Android devices keeps in mind user-friendly layout. Marathi Calendar 2021 is a reliable app which brings to you your religious Marathi calendar with the true shade of your culture and language. The days of fast or festivals are presented artistically in a HD format which makes it attractive and lucid. With prompt notifications of desired days, and ability to access without Internet connection, this is a must have for your phone. Available in nine languages, this App fulfills the requirement of people who are not bilingual and speak only their mother tongue.

Marathi Calendar 2021 is a native calendar app for Marathi Manus that gives you the choice to observe your religious days even when you reside somewhere outside. Download ‘Marathi Calendar 2021’ now.

Download APK(6.2MB)

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